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Anko Food Machinery's Digital Transformation

Anko Food Machinery is mainly engaged in overseas markets, with high quality multi-functional dumpling making machine as the main hot product, and other food equipment experts including yakitori machine, wonton machine, dumpling machine, pearl dumpling machine, etc. We have many years of experience in manufacturing food machinery and selling them worldwide. In order to understand the customer's behavior in food production, to find the quickest maintenance solution, and to provide production suggestions to improve production capacity and reduce more waste, therefore, Anko Food Machinery is gradually transforming into a food machine, with the goal of anticipating maintenance and improving the customer's production yield.

(1) We need to have a system to monitor the damage of food machine parts because of the unanticipated failure of the machine due to improper operation by human beings.
(2) Anko Food Machinery wants to reduce the waste rate of food machines, so we need to understand the usage of customers.

- Internet of Things gateway: CPS 200
- Connectivity Software: IoT Studio
NexAIoT proposes to Anko Food Machinery to use the CPS 200 Internet of Things gateway with the built-in IoT Studio in HiveX, a software developed by NexAIoT Intelligence. It can use the I/O module to collect the vibration waveform from the accelerated regulation monitoring machine operation to find out the part of abnormal parts damage. It can also be used as a server to store operation, abnormality and maintenance data, and complete three actions of transmission, storage and analysis with one click.

Benefits and results:
The quality of dumplings and determine the appearance of the factor is the speed of the motor, dumpling machine has five motor movement axis are extrusion dough, auxiliary extrusion dough, extrusion filling, auxiliary filling extrusion, rolling dumpling forming, Anko food machinery in each different recipe to find the best operating combination, can be stable production, 7000 dumplings per hour, waste reduced from 5% to 4%, reduce 8 tons / year of raw material waste.

In terms of maintenance, Anko food machinery usually needs to assign personnel to the site for maintenance, but because of the epidemic restrictions on overseas activities, but the service still can not be stopped, in order to allow users to reduce the occurrence of machine downtime, Anko food machinery to carry out digital transformation, the dumpling machine installed acceleration gauge, in order to detect the amplitude of vibration. Knowing the amplitude and frequency of vibration can help food machinery manufacturers to understand the wear and tear of customers' parts, reduce the number of maintenance Establishing maintenance records, moreover, can serve customers with zero time difference, increase customer trust, and save a lot of maintenance for Ankou food machinery and customers themselves, and gradually complete the goal of intelligent machinery.

(NexAIoT is an AIC affiliate, using the same software source development technology)

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