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AIC Platform Terms and Service Specifications

You are welcome to visit AIC (AIoT Cloud) to become a member of this website and become a pioneer in the sharing of IoT innovative developers. This website is operated by NEXCOM Co., Ltd., and includes but not limited to membership registration, shopping, marketing discounts, interaction among members, relevant matching functions, agency dealer functions, event registration and news information functions, and other services. The rights and obligations are set out in the following specifications:

  1. Scope of services and authorization of this website: You may use various devices (For instance: computer, tablets, mobile phones and digital television to use the content and services of this website. This website may provide relevant information on third-party websites and invite you to visit, this service specification includes extensions to information disclosed on third-party websites. Before using the content of this website, you must read the service specification in detail and fully agree and understand it. If you do not agree with the service specification, please stop using this website immediately. Use of website content does not provide you with intellectual or other property rights of this website. The content of the website may not be reproduced or distributed for profit except with the e-mail or written consent of this site.
  2. Member registration security: Users register their members through this website, filling in basic personal information in detail. However, if property loss is caused by registering false member information, this website is not responsible for the loss of your membership, and reserves the right to terminate your membership. After successfully registering as a member, you should keep the password to yourself. The behavior after logging in is regarded as your own behavior and you need to take full responsibility. If you find or suspect that a third party is using it, you should immediately notify the operator of this website by contacting us on this website. Before notifying this website, you still need to bear full legal responsibilities.
  3. Privacy Policy: Please go to Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy to read the content in detail to protect your personal rights and interests.
  4. Membership code of conduct: You agree that the use of this website will not violate this service code in any form (Including: obtaining or attempting to obtain unauthorized access rights to access information on this website or this website’s server, providing threatening, abusive, infringing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, defamatory, invasive of another’s privacy, hate, or racial discrimination, etc., violate the laws and regulations of the country where you are located and must not infringe any property rights such as patents, trademarks, copyrights and business secrets. If incidents occur (for instance: dissemination of viruses that destroys the information security settings of this website or making this website inoperable, endangering the rights of interests of other members) this website has the right to immediately terminate your membership rights and reserves the right of legal prosecution. If you transmit, post, email, share, copy, etc. on this website, the content you provide shall be held responsible for other members.
  5. Software authorization specification: The download and use of the software provided by this website is authorized by buyout, the ownership of its code is owned by this website. The buyout party shall not resell or give the software purchased as a gift to other natural or legal person. If this website finds out about such situation, it reserves the right to suspend the use of the software and carry out legal proceedings. To use of the software services of this website, you must perform secondary programming of the code and provide the programmed code and hardware together to other natural or legal person as product service, unprogrammed codes shall not be resold.
  6. Software support: This website provides software download services and version update resources. This website reserves the right to terminate software support services and not notify to members.
  7. Members’ product purchase and after-sales service: You must be 18 years old or older to purchase products on this website. The products and services provided on this website are only provided for the use of the company information you filled in when ordering, and cannot be resold. If there is a need for resale, please contact us to notify the service personnel of this website. If there is a resale before notifying the personnel of this website, the website reserves the right to terminate your right to use.
  8. Order process and regulations: After accepting your payment, this website will send you the order information by e-mail. However, this does not mean that the website has accepted your order, it will depend on the actual situation to decide whether the transaction service is complete.
  9. The Use and Termination of Member Account: You are entitled to all rights and interests by registering as a member of this website, but this website may terminate the service and stop the rights and interests of members at any time without prior notice.
  10. Disclaimer: You must use this website at your own risk. This website does not guarantee or promise the security of the content of the links to this website. There may be risks of information security in technical transmission. Confirm that your server is safe and secure. Any loss caused by the leakage of personal information of the intrusion of personal equipment in technical transmission is your responsibility.
  11. Opinions and suggestions: Any suggestion or message you put forward on this website can be freely used and forwarded by this website. This website does not need to notify you or assume any obligation, and does not need to provide you with any remuneration and compensation.
  12. Intellectual Property Rights Statement: The information contained in this website including but not limited to trademarks, logos, related features, functions, text, pictures, illustrations, images, audio, video, etc. (referred to as this content), are all ownership of this website. You cannot modify, reproduce, publicly distribute, restore or decompile, including but not limited to trademark rights, copyrights, patents or patented technologies. In case of violation, you will bear all legal responsibilities and compensation liabilities for damages, including but not limited to litigation costs and related legal costs.
  13. Third-party links: The external websites exported from this website with pictures or text links are based on their page information or the content arranged by partners, allowing you to easily lead to third-party websites for other information. You are responsible for all actions exported from this website to third-party websites, as this website only provides links to export without any guarantee.
  14. Infringement complaints: This website significantly values the intellectual property rights of members. If we find that a member has seriously infringed on the intellectual property rights of others, we will terminate the member’s membership rights on this website under appropriate circumstances. For the intellectual property rights of others, it is recommended that you contact and notify us as soon as possible.
  15. Disputes and Litigation: In case of disputes or complaints related to all rights and responsibilities arising from this website, to the fullest extent permitted by law, all rights, obligations and service specification are governed by the laws of Taiwan.
  16. Updates and Notifications: You agree that this website will notify you of the updated version, agreement or any information disclosure of this service specification by email. If you do not agree with the content notification by email, please notify us through the website’s Contact Us.

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