Steps to download the free versions of AIC OPC UA, AIC Video Wall and AIC IoT Studio.

Step 1. To the free download page:https://www.aiotcloud.dev/en/community-version

Step 2. Select the software you want to download

Step 3. Select the version that matches your operating system

Step 4. Click the download button to start downloading the software

Get the serial number of the permanent free version:

Step 1. Login Member

Step 2. Go to the product page where you want to download the software

Step 3. Click on the product page to purchase the advanced version

Step 4. Select version for community free version

Step 5. Tap into the shopping cart

Step 6. Click Next on the Shopping Cart screen

Step 7. After the grateful download screen appears, Click Member Center / My Authorization

Step 8. The displayed SN can be licensed to start the software permanently

Step 9. The default first-time password is 0000, please update it immediately after activation.

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