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Logistics industry to improve the management of services in a more timely and accurate manner

The uncertainty that comes with the epidemic has caused consumers to shift their shopping activities to the online world. However, the sudden influx of orders is a crisis and an opportunity for the logistics industry.

To ensure that goods arrive at the customer's designated location quickly, accurately, and on time, logistics providers use the order and product characteristics to make the most appropriate cargo planning, along with electronic labeling and efficient cargo handling equipment.

The electric pick-up cart plays an important role in the huge and compact logistics operation system. The touch panel computer of the electric pick-up cart receives work orders from the warehouse management system (WMS), picks up the goods and places them in the correct storage location, and the operator operates the screen for a long time, resulting in a high frequency of damage and failure.

-IPC: APPC1245T, NISE3900E-H310
Logistics operators choose NexAIoT’s APPC1245T as the touch panel PC for electric pick-up trucks. APPC1245T can be plugged into WiFi module and connected to NISE3900E-H310 to collect barcode data and upload to warehouse management system (WMS).

Benefits and results:
NexAIoT provides customers with the advantage of long supply cycle time, and with the high durability of all series of touch screens, it solves the problem of supply cycle time and peripheral integration for logistics operators, and relies on the durability and high performance operation of APPC1245T and NISE3900E-H310 to increase productivity and reduce maintenance and standby time.

(NexAIoT is an AIC affiliate, using the same software source development technology)


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