The uSec & multi CPU-isolated Real-time OS Solution

EtherCAT Master Software, provides all the basic EtherCAT communication functions which allow users to directly access standard EtherCAT slaves


Include a 4 cores platform

  • NexRTOS can guarantee precision to the following:
    -Timer periods 1 ms
    -Jitter cyclictest < 40 us
    -IST latencies <30 us
    -Latency in 30 us
  • NexRTOS can do CPU Isolation, examples include:
    -Linux kernel and Desktop in processor: 0
    -Individual tasks on independent processors
  • IGH EtherCAT Sample Code
    -HMI application
    -Motor & I/O application
    -EtherCAT master application
AIC USB UltraLock

NexRTOS is the uSec & multi CPU-isolated Real-time OS Solution. It is designed for complex machinery that perform the high-precise motion control, computer vision and critical applications, such as: Machinery Controller, CNC Controller, Industrial Robots, Embedded Equipment and others. The NexRTOS Solution Kits include a 4 cores platform with CPU isolation designed for a Custom Real-time Controller, running HMI in Processor 0 and other real-time controls in the other 3 processors.

NexRTOS is an X86 Real-time OS Solution Kit that offer the precise timer and jitter for controlling EtherCAT-based

• Servo drive/motor
• Distributed I/O
• Slave Device

IIoT Machine
IIoT Machine

NexRTOS Software Building Blocks


NexRTOS now is available on selected hardware. You need to purchase the hardware kits to get the NexRTOS.
For other hardware, please contact us.

NISE50-RTOS (P/N: 10J00005029X0)
Onboard Intel® Celeron® processor J1900 quad core, 2.00GHz

NIFE200-RTOS (P/N: 10J70020000X0)
Onboard Intel® Celeron® processor J1900 quad core, 2.00GHz

IPPC1040P-RTOS (P/N: 10II1040P04X0)
Onboard Intel® Celeron® processor J1900 quad core, 2.00GHz

AXE9200-RTOS (P/N: 10J40920000X0)
16ch Digital Input and 16ch Digital Output EtherCAT Slave Module

NEX650-RTOS (P/N: 10G00065001X1)
Mini-ITX Form Factor with Onboard Intel® Celeron® Processor J1900 Product Family

MCB355-RTOS (P/N: 6879MB350000F)
Intel® Celeron® processor, Bay Trail J1900

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