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AIC IoT Studio

AIC IoT Studio Introduction

AIC IoT Studio is an IoT development tool based on Node-RED. AIoT Cloud AIoT has developed a codeless node dragging method to set up the machine networking process management of factory equipment with a visual development environment. Utilizing industrial big data to develop a smart factory.


AIC IoT Studio Human Machine Interface (HMI)

We have developed an exclusive Human Machine Interface (HMI) dashboard that allows intuitive operation of the factory.


AIC IoT Studio Product Features

All the nodes that need to be used on the gateway have been completely deployed, such as: Modbus nodes, computing nodes, transmitting nodes, receiving nodes and HTTP nodes, etc. To modularize the networking equipment without rewriting the code, achieving a near codeless development of IoT software services.


Gateway setting of AIC IoT Studio

Having been deployed in edge computing devices and supporting various computing functions. It obtains various function node scripts from the edge server and generates a sealed package which can be directly sent to the target gateway. Each function can be executed in sequence according to the process. Each functional node is written in Javascript, and only one edge server is needed to handle all the gateway setting process in the network environment, which can greatly reduce the cost of hardware resources and programming.


AIC IoT Studio Visual Editor Instructions

For the process editor, it is provided with a browser-based node drag-and-drop editor. The editor interface has a Gateway list and a Node list.


AIC IoT Studio Modular Process Management Function

AIoT Cloud AIoT has many years of experience in the implementation of smart factories. It has developed a variety of module kits that can be applied to a factory’s sensing or warning processes, and can be utilized with just a one-click installation.


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