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AIC Video Wall

Introduction of ETNA Video Wall

It is a software controller for screen splitting, which can be used in enterprise war room, smart factory war room, indoor digital signage, outdoor advertising video wall, art exhibition, window display, wedding banquet hall, playground, port, command center, firefighter department, military surveillance system and various exhibition spaces.


Is there a fee for the ETNA Video Wall software?

The Community Edition is a permanent free version. Whereas, the Standard, Professional and Enterprise Business Edition are paid versions. You are welcome to use the free Community version to get started.


ETNA Video Wall Operating System Installation

It can be installed and used under computer operating systems such as Linux, Windows and MacOS. Currently, it isn’t compatible with mobile devices.


Do I need to purchase hardware to use ETNA Video Wall?

Download the software is all you need to split the screen. It is not necessary to purchase additional hardware equipment and KVM switch.


ETNA Video Wall software features

Customizable playback configuration design, supporting 1x1 to 4x4 split screen playback with resolution up to 16K. There is no KVM conversion needed and supports Chrome, PowerPoint, 4K video and other playback needs. It has an intuitive UI interface design, so all it takes is to follow the simple 3 steps procedure and 5 minutes to easily complete a design, deploy and playback.
ETNA Video Wall Supported File Formats
Supports image formats, Chrome browser playback, Microsoft 365 (including PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc.), 4K video etc. It is able to play banner ads, videos, animations, images, 3D models, widgets, project presentations, tables and other visual presentations, etc.


Is ETNA Video Wall a screen splitter software?

It has the function of video wall splitting and screen splitting, a very powerful software tool.


What is the resolution of ETNA Video Wall?

Its resolution is up to 16K.


How many split modes are built into the ETNA Video Wall?

There are 8 built-in split modes.


Can the ETNA Video Wall be controlled by a remote computer?

Download a legal remote control software to perform remote control.


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